Remove users that are Ready for Deletion in Ivanti Identity Director in my LAB

IID LogoIn my lab environment I perform reguarly Joiner, Leaver and Mover (JLM or Onboarding/Offboarding) actions.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor joiner leaver mover

Because, I frequently remove persons from my Identity Director environment the list under “Ready for Deletion” can become quite long.

To amend this problem I’ve created an Ivanti Automation Module to remove the persons that are placed under Ready for Deletion.


On the settings tab of the module I provide information on Database server, database name authentication method and the credentials.


On the Script tab is the actual SQL script that is being executed. Because the module connects to the SQL server this module can be executed on any Ivanti Automation Agent.


After the module has been executed we can check the jobresults, when we open the Output Log tab we can see what was executed. In this case we can see that 8 (eight) person where removed.

This example can be usefull for a lab, POC/Pilot or any other none-production environment. If you do want to use this in a production environment please be take note that this action can’t be reversed.

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