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Manage VMware AppVolumes via Ivanti Automation

donderdag, juni 11th, 2020

OIP_thumbIn this blog article I will describe how you can automate assigning VMware AppVolumes to AD user groups by using PowerShell via Ivanti Automation. To accomplish this task I am using the API of App Volumes.

The Powershell function I am using I found online, and is created by by my former colleague Thomas Brown. I slightly altered the script to meet my needs to accomplish the task at hand.

VMware AppVolumes has proven to be a very powerful product to deliver application to both VMware Horizon as well as Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops.

The relative parts of my setup are:

  • VMware AppVolumes 2.18.014U
  • Ivanti Automation 2020.1

If you like to know more about creating an AppStacks please read: More on AppStacks


What is new in Ivanti Automation 2020.0

dinsdag, januari 28th, 2020

imageYesterday (January 27th, 2020)Ivanti released a new version of Ivanti Automation. Automation is a product from Ivanti’s Powered by RES  line. Automation is a very powerfull tool, that has many use cases for every IT department.


(updated) Remove person objects that are Ready for Deletion

woensdag, september 25th, 2019

IID LogoIn my lab environment I perform regularly Joiner, Leaver and Mover (JLM or On boarding/Off boarding) actions.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor joiner leaver mover

Because, I frequently remove persons from my Identity Director environment the list under “Ready for Deletion” can become quite long.


Enable-CsUser : Cannot open databasE xds requested by the login

maandag, september 16th, 2019

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Skype for business logoIf you read the blog before you should know that I am a big fan of automating repetitive admin tasks.  Currently I am building an Ivanti Identity Director environment. Part of onboaring a new employee in this environment is enabling Skype for this new AD account.


Multiple PowerShell outputs within Ivanti Automation

donderdag, juni 28th, 2018

imageIvanti Automation (formally known as RES Automation) and PowerShell work very well together. By using PowerShell from within Ivanti Automation we are able to talk to any system that utilize a REST full API.

The Task for Powershell does only allow for all the screen output of a script to be placed in one Automation parameter. To divide this output into multiple parameters the data had to be splited in Automation or in Ivanti Identity Director.