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Fixing an interrupted NSX-T Manager upgrade

nsxtThe process for upgrading the NSX-T managers in an environment is a automated process that works through three managers and finishes the moment all the NSX-T managers are upgraded to the new desired version. Recently I was upgrading a NSX-T datacenter environment from version to version in my lab environment. The Edge nodes and Transport Nodes had already been upgraded successfully. While we where in the middle of upgrading the the NSX-T manager upgrade got interrupted and the NSX-T managers rebooted when the upgrade was not yet finished.

After all the nodes where back up again I was not able to logon to the Management environment, the designated Virtual IP (VIP) appeared to be down.  When I connected to the first NSX-T Manager machine I was presented with a message indicated that the upgrade had not fully completed. When I executed the following command at the prompt Get upgrade progress-status I was presented with the following output:

2021-03-27 13_46_50-SSDC-Man-PEC - TeamViewer

The output shows that all the upgrade steps where completed successfully. When I connected to the second NSX-T manager machine I got the same output.

I then connected to the third NSX-T Manager, this one was not completed and caused the other NSX-T managers to remain in the upgrading status and the Management VIP to remain unavailable.

2021-03-27 13_45_22-SSDC-Man-PEC - TeamViewer

I first executed the command to see the available upgrade packages on the NSX-T Manager machine.  get upgrade-bundle playbooks To resume the NSX-T Manager upgrade I executed the following command:  resume upgrade-bundle VMware-NSX-appliance- playbook

The upgrade process resumed and completed successfully in a manner of minutes, after which the environment became functional again and Management VIP became accessible again.


Awarded vExpert 2021

vExpert 2021VMware vExpert is an honorary title VMware grants to outstanding advocates of the company’s products.

The vExpert title is held in high regards within the community due to the expertise of the selected vExperts. The vExpert honorees are sharing their knowledge towards enabling and empowering customers around the world with VMware’s software defined hybrid cloud technology adoption.

The vExpert award is for individuals, not for companies. The title last for one year. Employees of both customers and partners can receive the vExpert award. VMware started the vExpert program in 2009.

I am honored, happy and very proud that I am named vExpert 2021. I look forward to participate in the vExpert program and to continue to share knowledge about the VMware products and their different use cases.