What is new in Ivanti Automation 2020.0

imageYesterday (January 27th, 2020)Ivanti released a new version of Ivanti Automation. Automation is a product from Ivanti’s Powered by RES  line. Automation is a very powerfull tool, that has many use cases for every IT department.



  • Wisdom version 4 was the first version Automation and was launced in 2005
  • RES Wisdom 2007, RES marketed this as IT Change Automation Software. It was only Modules and Projects, no Run Books yet!!! Run Book Automation came in a Service Release later on.
  • RES Wisdom 2009, later on RES released the Orchestration piece alongside this.This was available as “Orchestration Pack for RES Wisdom”
  • RES Automation Manager 2011 (included Service Orchestration)
  • RES ONE Automation Manager 2015
  • In 2017 RES became Ivanti

What is new in this release:


  • MSOLEDBSQL driver support for Protocol Encryption
    The SQL Server Native Client (SQLNCLI) remains deprecated and it is not recommended to use it for new development work. Instead, use the new Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL) which will be updated with the most recent server features. Ivanti Automation 2020.0 supports MSOLEDBSQL. MSOLEDBSQL will be the prerequisite for being able to use the Force Protocol Encryption feature.
  • View trace content for Agents in Console
    You can now enable and view a trace file directly from the Ivanti Automation console. Right Click an agents and select properties, click on the Trace tab:

  • New task for changing and query team membership for agents

  • Changed default options for the command execute task
    Any new “Execute command” task will have the options “Execute command using the Windows command interpreter”, “Redirect standard output and standard error to logfiles”, and “Fail task if error log is generated” enabled by default.


To read the included bug fixes in this release you can find the full release notes: here.

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