Update a VMware App Volumes AppStack


In this blog article I will describe the process of updating a VMware App Volumes AppStack.

VMware acquired CloudVolumes in August 2014 and released it with the name App Volumes in December 2014. App Volumes is free to owners of the Horizon View Enterprise bundle and can also be purchased as a standalone product.

VMware App Volumes has proven to be a very powerful product to deliver applications to both VMware Horizon as well as Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops.

To start the process we first select the AppStack that we want to upgrade.

2020-07-03 14_38_08-Productie_Float

In this window we click on update.

2020-07-03 14_38_59-Productie_Float

In this window we have to specify a new name. AppVolumes Manager suggest a name but you are free to choose you own.

2020-07-03 14_39_26-Productie_Float

Do you want to create the new AppStack in the background or do you want to wait. Important to know that if the process of creating the AppStack takes to long the window can freeze up or time out.

2020-07-03 14_44_31-Productie_Float

As you can see the AppStack is now created and ready for provisioning. Click on provision.

Inked2020-07-03 14_46_12-Productie_Float_LI

Select the machine you want to use to install the update. And click provision.

Inked2020-07-03 14_49_11-Productie_Float_LI

Click on Start Provisioning.

Now logon the specified machine (Prov-Machine).

2020-07-03 14_50_10-Productie_Float

You are greeted by this message, don’t close this window, but start with installing your update.

2020-07-03 15_20_22-Productie_Float

Once your installation is ready return to this window and click on OK.

2020-07-03 15_20_43-Productie_Float

You are asked to confirm that all your installation tasks are completed. By clicking ok the system will reboot.

2020-07-03 15_27_41-Productie_Float

After you log back into the computer, this message confirms that the provisioning process is completed. You can now return to the AppVolume Manager console.

2020-07-03 15_28_55-Productie_Float

Your updated AppStack is now ready to be assigned to your users.


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