vSphere vCenter and NSX-T, Portgroup and Segment inventory out of sync


In a SDDC project the customer is requesting to rename the vLANS and vSphere vCenter Portgroups. Since the costomer is using NSX-T Datacenter the place to perform this rename is actions is the NSX-T Datacenter Manager console.  The location where you can find this information is under Network>Segments. Or via the API.

During the migrations that followed this rename actions it became clear that there was an synchronization issue. In NSX-T we can see the correct new name for the segment:

When we lookup the associated Portgroups in vSphere vCenter under the Distributed Switch we see the following:

To mitigate this issue we logon to each of the three NSX-T Managers as Admin and execute the following commands:

get service cm-inventory
restart service cm-inventory


When we return to the vSphere vCenter and check under the Distributed Switch we noticed that the names of the affected Portgroups have been updated.



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